Best ways to increase facebook likes for free

Best Ways To Increase Facebook Likes For Free

Best ways to increase facebook likesFacebook has been acclaimed as the most visited social media network, almost in all parts of the world. This fact made Facebook a happening place for all businesses and online marketers. Facebook help any business in many ways :

  • It helps to develop reputation and branding.
  • It helps to maintain a healthy relation with existing as well as new customers.
  • It helps to market and promote a product OR service in a viral way.
  • It helps to market and promote a product OR service in the most cost effective way.
  • It can be used to reach as much targeted audience as a business can.

The above are the common usages of Facebook which are being utilized by most businesses across the world. But, there are still abundant space for using the Facebook with innovations. Sky is the limit.

Effective Ways To Increase Facebook Likes

  1. Way : Create a Facebook page with username (i.e. which clearly displaying the purpose for which the page is being created.Example: Suppose you are creating a page for your blog/business/brand/etc which is named as “ABCD”. You can use any of these options:
    • (provided that your blog/business/brand/etc related website’s URL ends like “” )

    But never go for any other URL/username for Facebook page which does matches the purpose for which you are creating the page. Branding a Facebook page is very important. It starts with the customization of the URL.

    How To Do It: Go to your Facebook page (or create one here) and follow the path,
    Edit Page > Update Page Info > Page Address > Edit > Change web address

  2. Way : Participate in discussions on relevant Facebook groups, online forums, LinkedIn Groups,etc. Develop your own as well as your brand’s reputation. Use signature while posting or commenting anywhere as well sending emails. Give the Link of your Facebook page in it.Example : I dont think I need to give example for this.
  3. Way : Optimize the page properties like information, contacts, cover photo and page image. Optimization should be done by keeping the Brand in mind.
  4. Way : Use hashtags (#) and at (@) in your posts. The hashtags work in the same way in Facebook as they do in Twitter. Who ever searches in Facebook using these hashtagged words, the posts in which these specific hashtagged words were used will show up in the search results.Example : Suppose , you are posting “White Hat SEO is the best for long run”. Here we have to prefix hashtag with only those words which users searches mostly, like SEO. After adding the post will be “White Hat #SEO is the best for long run”. In the same way if you want to notify any of your friends, users or facebook pages, just prefix “@” to the username. like @Pratwords.
  5. Way : Once people start liking your page and share it contents, dont neglect the consistency and standard of your posts. When you keep your fans busy reading excellent posts, they will keep coming back and share the posts, which will attract more likes.Example: Post interesting facts, future plans, important information about developments in your business domain, infographics,etc
  6. Way : Use infographic posts wisely. Keep the tastes and preferences of your fans in mind. Try to use High Definition infographics. Dont ever copy and paste any copyrighted infographics as your own. If you like any as such, share it.
  7. Way : Keep your eye on the Facebook page’s insight. Look for which type of posts (links, facts or infographics) your fans are getting engaged more. Adapt your posts accordingly. Also check for the time of a day when most of your fans are online. Try to post on your page on those timings and share the same with your fans.
  8. Way : Engage your fans with periodic and occasional special attractions like events, quiz,contests, inviting celebrity guests on your page, etc. Try out innovative ideas. Dont forget to add attractive prizes/gifts for winners of the contests and quiz. You can specify condition that to participate in these special events, one has to like the page.
  9. Way : While posting any image or infographics, dont forget to tag your friends on every image/infographic. The maximum number of friends you can tag at present is 50.
  10. Way : Share your posts, events, images and infographics on all relevant groups to which you are a member. Share the post with a catchy description so that users get attracted and start liking.
  11. Way : Greet you friends and fans on various occasions like birthday, anniversary etc. Dont forget to add a courtesy line at the bottom.Example : Add “courtesy : <facebook page address>”.
  12. Way : Add a facebook page widget and other social engagement properties on your website. You can get it from here.
  13. Way : You can also engage mobile phone users through any Facebook campaign , where users need to fulfill following criteria:
    • They should have a Facebook account
    • They should have a mobile number registered with their Facebook account.
    • They should have activated the text messaging service on their facebook profile’s settings page (settings > text messaging > choose to activate text messaging for the mobile number)
      A user can activate the text messaging service using his/her mobile also. They will need to send a text message containing only “fb” (without quotes) to +919232232665 (this number is only for users who reside in India and use Indian mobile numbers.) or the alternate number for your country listed here. The user will receive a text in response in a bit. He/she have to open the link given in the text message response and click Activate.

    Now, after the text messaging option is activated on the Facebook account, the user can like any Facebook page by sending a text “like<space><page username>” and send it to +919232232665 (this is only for users with Indian mobile numbers, for other countries please check here). By this way, any Facebook user can like any Facebook page. A page owner can engage offline users by this process through a Facebook page campaign.

Beginning Of The End

I have tried to enlist all possible ways through which Facebook page likes can be increased . There is a lot of space of innovation in Facebook. Let me know what do you think about these ways and do share your ways also which will help others.


DPrat Daas is a bank of multi-task and talents. He is an engineer by grad, an experienced online marketing professional by profession and an automobile enthusiast and consultant by hobby. He is an SEO,SEM,SMM, WordPress,PPC, Mobile Phone Apps and Web Technology consultant. An ordinary gentleman with an extraordinary mind and field of interests. Everybody welcome to with any query in the mentioned fields including automobiles.

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