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Detailed Review Of Amazon India (

Detailed Review For Amazon India,

Hi everybody, DPrat here from . Today I would like to write about the newest member in the Indian eCommerce ecosystem – The Amazon India. Amazon is one of the most reputed name in the world of online shopping for products, ebooks , electronics and others.  Now they are in India. The Amazon India website and it services are being tweaked for India and its hugely growing online shoppers. When we compare and, we can find few changes between both.

Brief Intro of Amazon India (The website)

Once we get to the website we can find similarities with its international counterpart. Amazon have kept its looks and feel almost same. The “Shop by department” section have less number of departments/categories when compared to the international counterpart. The available categories of products in Amazon India are:

  1. Books
  2. Amazon Kindle
    This category contains E-readers , Tablets and eBooks.
  3. Mobiles and Accessories
  4. Computers and Accessories
  5. Cameras and Photography
  6. Portable Media Players

Users in Amazon India

We can find three types of users on the eCommerce part of Amazon India.They are Buyers, Sellers and Affiliates .

  • Buyers
    Buyers, as the name itself says ,are the ones who come to the site with the sole intention to buy, only. They (may be you) choose the product, find its availability, choose the payment option (credit card, debit card, netbanking or cash on delivery. COD is available only on selected products).
  • Sellers
    Third party sellers sell products to the buyers along with Amazon India. They have partnered with reputed Indian sellers and provided them a platform to display their products and offers to large number of potential buyers and in turn sell.
  • Affiliates
    Affiliates play a major role in Amazon India’s online marketing and promotion. Amazon India provide upto 10% of the sales of a given product to the affiliate member.

 Features and Facilities

As Amazon India is a newcomer in the eCommerce niche of India, they have also tried their best with some interesting features and facilities for attracting buyers.

  1. Lowest Prices

    Almost all products on are having the lowest price  , when compared to other popular eCommerce sites in India. This approach by Amazon is a strategic one to enter the Indian market. They have touched one of the most sensitive part of an Indian buyer’s decision. If they can continue with it in future also, they may conquer a major part of Indian eCommerce market share.

  2. Genuine Products

    Well, this term – “Genuine Product” , is very common to almost all eCommerce websites of India. There is no change @ Amazon India.  They have specified that , “all products sold on Amazon are completely genuine. All sellers listing their products on Amazon are required to enter an agreement to list and sell only genuine products.” (Quoted from Amazon India)

  3. Safe and Secure Shopping

    This part is also available with other eCommerce sites. Amazon India uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to make sure that the buyer’s information, bank details, credit card/debit card details are safe and secured. They also make it sure that buyers can experience an unmatched standard of shopping.

  4. Easy Returns

    To take the buyers’ experience to a new level, Amazon India thought that if a customer is not satisfied with the product delivered, then he/she can return back the product in a hassle-free way. For any damaged or defective delivered product, they provide 30 days replacing facility(for products in Electronics category is 10 days).To add one more standard to the buyers’ experience , Amazon India have started a facility to return the delivered product to them if the buyer have changed his/her mind due to any reason. But , only a completely unused and packaged product can be returned. The returning facility is valid for 7 days from the date of purchase for the products in Books and Movies & TV categories AND for 10 days for products in Electronics category. This feature is really cool, as many buyers may suddenly change their mind. After all we are human.

  5. Fulfilled By Amazon

    You can find this Fulfilled by Amazon, Detailed review of Amazon India by Pratwords Fulfilled By Amazon badge on many product pages . This specifies that:

    • Orders are eligible for FREE Delivery and can be placed using Cash on Delivery. It is being mentioned by Amazon India that the orders which contains products worth Rs 499 or more are only eligible for FREE delivery. If it costs less, Rs 49 will be charged per package for delivery. For the time being, Amazon India also mentioned that all “Fulfilled By Amazon” products will be delivered for FREE. There is no limit on it at present . I will suggest all buyers to check this clause to check for the present status of Free Home Delivery, at the time of your purchase.
    • Products are stored, packed and dispatched by Amazon , themselves.
    • Order delivery tracking to buyer’s specified location’s doorstep
    • Products can be returned easily by visiting Amazon India’s Returns Support Centre
    • Amazon India handles all customer service by themselves.
  6. Fulfilled By Seller

    Any products which are not marked with Fulfilled by Amazon, Detailed review of Amazon India by Pratwords badge is being fulfilled by seller. Those products are being warehoused , packaged and delivered by the mentioned seller.

  7. Gift Wrap

    Amazon India have a unique facility for buyers through which they can initiate gift wrapping of their products. Gift wrapping is available for Rs 30. Gift-wrapping is available with following conditions:

    • The gift-wrap option is valid only for items marked with Fulfilled by Amazon, Detailed review of Amazon India by Pratwords
    • Items which are purchased using cash on delivery cannot be gift-wrapped.
    • The product will be accompanied with an invoice. Amazon India will leave the tags intact in case the product needs to be returned.


  8. Wishlist

    A buyer can add his favorite products to his wishlist which he can share with his friends and family. He can save the wishlist for future purchase. If a buyer finds a product on any other website and wish to buy it on Amazon India, he can list it on the Universal Wishlist. This is a unique feature added by Amazon which helps a buyer to enlist his wished products which he may not find on the site at present OR may not be able to buy them at present for any reason, but may come back later in future and search his wishlist for the availability and buy them as preferable. Isn’t that a great tool?

    A buyer can also place wholesale order for any product depending on the availability of its stock.

  9. A -to-Z Guarantee

    A-to-Z guarantee is a unique guarantee provided by Amazon India on all purchased products from any seller on its website. A buyer can claim a guarantee is atleast one of the following situation occurs:

    • Buyer made payment to the seller through the website, but the seller failed to deliver the item within 3 calendar days from the maximum estimated delivery date for your order; or
    • Buyer received the item, but the item was defective, damaged, or not the item depicted in the seller’s description; or
    • Buyer have returned the item to the seller under an agreement between you and the seller but the seller has not provided the agreed refund to you after receiving the item.

    Buyers who have purchased on website are eligible to claim up to   3,00,000 under A-to-Z Guarantee program.


Beginning Of the End

I have mentioned all the important and necessary points which I came across at Amazon India’s website and felt to be worth of knowing for every buyers and users of the website. In my opinion Amazon have introduced almost all the practical, useful and cool facilities and features on its Indian counterpart. If you have purchased from Amazon India, please share your experiences. You can also share your feedback on the website.


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