How To Get Followers On Twitter

Intro To Twitter

How to get followers on twitter

This is for those who are new to Twitter. Twitter is one of the fast growing social media network , in most parts of the world. Twitter can be defined as a micro-blogging platform. Twitter act as a major platform for businesses, brands and famous personalities in many ways:

  1. Brand and Reputation development and management
  2. Increase sales
  3. Promotion of seasonal offers
  4. Sharing of micro news
  5. Driving valuable traffic to website
  6. Promotion of events

How to get followers on Twitter

Every twitter profile’s target is to reach more and more relevant followers in the shortest time possible. Twitter profiles must follow some strategies to reach targeted audiences and convert them as followers in an organic way. Some of the best ways to get large number of followers in Twitter are:

  1. Optimize the Twitter profile with appropriate and genuine information related to the owner of the profile.
  2. Prefix “#” with the most viral keyword(s) used in the information section of the Twitter profile.
  3. Use a unique image for the profile picture. You may use either a personal photograph (for personal profiles) or a brand logo (for brands and businesses)
  4. Use an attractive background image for the profile. You can display graphics on the right-hand side or left-hand side of the background image which is visible on the both sides on the profile. IDs of your other social media profiles like Facebook,etc, Email IDs ,etc can also be displayed.
  5. Follow twitter profiles of great influencers in your niche.
  6. Post value added tweets, regularly.
  7. Checkout for the “Trend”-ing words and phrases for the geographic region you target get followers from. Use those relevant words and phrases among them with “#” as prefix.
  8. If you use some words and phrases in your tweet which you think may be searched by users, you can also prefix “#” to them.
  9. To engage twitter profiles who are influencers on your niche, search for their profiles and use their IDs with “@” as prefix. This will create an alert to them and will help to engage them.
  10. Use the limited 140 characters wisely. You can use attractive punch-lines, phrases, infographics and embedded videos on your posts.
  11. Don’t forget to add your own ID with the prefix “@” at the end of your post, so that when someone retweets your tweet, it will appear in his/her tweet also.
  12. Maintain consistency in your tweeting procedure. Never follow long duration between two consecutive tweets. This will lose followers’ interest and they will start unfollowing you.


Twitter is a wonderful platform to promote and maintain a brand and its reputation. One must use this social network in a responsible way to become viral in it.

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